We are a leading manufacturer of Microbial Biofertilizer & Biopesticide, Micronutrients, Chelated Nutrients, Plant growth promoters, Organic fertiliser, Pheromone Traps, cost effective and innovative technology. Our items are produced and manufactured to upgrade a practical situation as we realize the effect and significance of natural adjust.

As an environmental way to deal with harness the energy of organisms to enhance soil fertility prescribed by rural researcher on the basis of fact that the plants and microorganisms are close to each other.

We have various variety of formulised product which are developed in the laboratory. We are always developing and enhancing our items to suit the business by getting the feedback from our maintained customers. We are committed to the well being of the Farmers, Society and our Earth with items that are effective yet more secure for nature.

Our Innovative work keeps on being our most grounded resource that is sponsored by very much prepared best in class research facilities and plants that are always moved up to keep pace with the changing business sector situation.

Our Products