About Us

It all started in the year 1981, a small yet humble beginning with the manufacture of micronutrients, one of the most vital agricultural input in tune with the green revolution. The group formerly known as Microplex, then expanded its strength vertically and horizontally torealize the potential of internal synergies. Now, the group is restructured bringing together allits companies under the flagship of SKR.

Today, the SKR group manufactures a comprehensive range of agricultural inputs from sowing to harvesting, equipments, motor pumps and have developed new products based on innovative technology. Technology has been at the core of the group's endeavors and offerings. The organization has to its advantage, state of art manufacturing facilities at 4 different locations, cotton ginning and pressing units and also have recently entered in the infrastructure industry.

Having started as a family owned enterprise, the company has evolved into a professionally run global venture. The organization is powered by a dedicated workforce of 200 employees and is destined to make its presence felt on a global platform.

We are a well known face as a leading manufacturer of Biofertilizer, Biopesticide, Micronutrients, Plant growth promoters, cost effective and innovative technologies. Our products are developed and manufactured to enhance a sustainable environment as we realize the impact and significance of ecological balance. We are constantly innovating and improvising our products to suit the industry as well as to protect the environment. Research and Development continues to be our strongest asset that is backed by well-equipped state of the art laboratories and plants that are constantly upgraded to keep pace with the changing market scenario. We are committed to the well-being of farmers, society and our Earth with products that are efficient yet safer for the environment.

  1. Directors Desk

    Mr. Shrikant Rathi the founder of this company started this venture as a family enterprise and with a visionary zeal created a group of companies and built it into one of the respected enterprise in Central India. He believes in constantly improving and innovating the quality and range of products manufactured in his company.

    Mr. Shrikant Rathi


  2. Mrs. Preeti S Rathi is the strength and support system behind the success of the company. She plays a pivotal role in the decisions of the organization. Her positive mindset and optimistic approach makes her the back bone of the family.

    Mrs. Preeti Rathi

  3. Mr. Aviraj S Rathi has now taken the reins of SKR group in his hands and is ambitiously moving ahead to put SKR group on the global map. Armed with a chemical engineering degree and a post graduation in management he is the new visionary in the organization geared to move ahead with new ideas.

    Mr. Aviraj Rathi